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Pouring rain would be an understatement.  If you breathed too deeply, you might have risked drowning.  That’s how bad it was.  I prayed the entire drive up to Pike Place Market, pleading for a break in the weather.  I parked.  Still no change.  I dashed from over hang to over hang trying to make it to the market without looking like I took a swim in my clothes.  Still no change.  I remained hopeful, but was trying to think of a Plan B the whole way.

I pushed through the tourists into Seattle’s first Starbucks (which would be all of your first Starbucks.  Yes, you are welcome), and up to Chelsea and her mom.  They had been praying too, but still no change.  We started the shoot, staying under cover as much as possible.  Then it happened.  The rain was gone!  And Seattle was there in all her glory!  Chelsea at one point said to me that if God could make the blind man see, then she knew he could stop the rain.  She was right.  Thanks God for caring about Senior pictures and a girl’s hairdo (mine and Chelsea’s).

Chelsea, I know I said it before, but I need to say it again…I had so much fun at our shoot.  You looked gorgeous, and were a great companion wandering around Pike Place.  I wish you only the best as you pursue your dreams.


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