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Skateboarding always makes me nervous.  Maybe I’ve seen too many guys eat cement, or maybe the thought of rushing to the ER makes me cringe.  Either way, I can’t deny that it’s cool.  The stuff those guys (and gals) can do is phenominal.  As long as they’re the ones doing it and not me, I guess I’m into it.

The other day I had the privelege to photograph one of these daredevils.  Meet Chandler.  He’s 13 and fearless.  Once I got over my mother bear “don’t kill yourself” mentality, I had a ton of fun grabbing shots of him in mid air.

This is one of my favorites.  I’ve completely over exposed the shot, while bumping up the blacks.  I then pushed the saturation up some, giving it that comic book effect. 


This is part of a move where Chan was in a handstand then jumped down onto his board. 

Got to have one for the ladies!


Here’s another pic where I messed with exposure and black levels


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