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There were a lot of really good guesses.  You are an impressive group!  But only one got it exactly on…The order of my favorites are 1. Les Mis 2. Peter Pan and 3. Crime and Punishment.  Those are some phenomenal works of literature!  Les Mis is absolutely beautiful and artful.  For those of you that have only watched Peter Pan, you’ve got to grab a copy.  I’m not sure why I liked Crime and Punishment so much, but I’ve got to tell you, it is a smart work about politics, although not for the squeamish.  And congratulations to Jaclyn, for guessing them in the correct order first!  You’ve got a $15 Starbucks card coming your way!!!

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Elements to achieve perfection.  One:  Freshly ground espresso.  Two:  A deep set chair.  Three: The sweet sound of music.  Four: A good book.  (and it if could all take place in Paris, it would be beyond perfection!).

There is an art to a well written work that I am enraptured by.  The words of a song, the phrases of a poem, the imagery of a scene in a novel can take me captive and not let go.  If a line stands out to me, it will repeat over and over in my mind.  I always wonder where the author came up with a description that could capture me so wholly.

My love for literature finds it’s home in my book club.  A group of friends and I meet together, taking turns at picking the book we read through.  It has been an awesome way to read works that I wouldn’t normally pick myself.  Below are the books we’ve read while meeting together.  And in the list lays our contest!  I have 3 books that are my favorites.  Put them in order of my top 3 favorites, and win a $15 Starbucks card!  Either respond in the comments, or on Facebook.  I’ll announce the winner on Friday!  Good luck! (The titles, in order of appearance below are The Catcher in the Rye, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, The Jungle Books, Peter Pan, Les Miserables, Crime and Punishment, Watership Down)

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Next week you will get to see the pictures from our time, but you need to at least see one before then.  Scott and Jac are full of life and so much fun to work with.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the shoot!!

Scott & Jac in the grass

And Jaclyn, because I love you, here is a second picture for the preview…

Scott & Jac walking by the river

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With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to give you a fun way to have pictures of your kiddos done.  I’m going to be setting up shop in a local pasture and will have either baby chicks or a bunny, as well as brightly colored Easter eggs.  I’m inviting all of you to do a mini shoot of your kids.  It will be about 30 minutes in front of the camera, with some great pictures to celebrate with.  They’ll make great little photo cards to send out to family and friends, as well as a cute way to remember this spring. 

WHEN: March 13, 2010

COST: $50 (cost includes sitting, one 5×7 of your choosing, a set of 4 wallets, and rights to one jpg for printing cards)

WHAT DO I DO NOW?  Send me an email to reserve your spot! 

I can’t wait to set this up with you guys!  It’s going to be a fun day!!!

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I believe that it had to be the coldest day of the year, or maybe even of all time.  Who really knows.  It was fridged, that’s all I knew for sure.  It was also the day of the Mitchell’s Christmas shoot, and little Emma was just a couple months old.  If you ever want to see a shoot done in a big hurry, put your family in freezing weather and have them take their coats off for a picture.  That will get you in and out quick.  And even though we were all in pain, we still got some great glimpses into this precious family’s life.

Don’t you just love the smile on this beauty?!

If you know the Mitchell’s, you know that Jesse is a ham.  I think that Samantha must have gotten the silly gene too. 

This is one of my favorites.  You can see how much Tammie loves her girls in this shot!

This was when Samantha decided to make her big escape to the car.  Inwardly, I think we all were wishing we were in the car.  Actually, I think we were wishing that there was a Barista waiting for us with a mocha made with craft and care to our personal likings.  When you’re cold, every one should have a barista to wait on them.   

This was shot afer the great escape, hence no smile from child number one.  That’s ok though.  She had done a great job!  And actually, I really like this picture.  There is something hilarious to me when kids have that blank expression.  Someone needs to find her barista.

And this is baby Emma.  She was such a doll!

It was wonderful working with you Mitchells!  You are always a joy!  Let’s just do Christmas pictures in July next year (In Hawaii.  With Baristas.)

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Don’t get me wrong.  I was born in the Northwest, and most days my heart burst with the beauty that surrounds me.  And I actually love the rain.  I love it when I can curl up with a cup of coffee (yes, decaf.  Don’t worry, I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing) and reading or watching a movie.  I love it, except on the days when we’re trying to do an outdoor shoot.  On those days when it’s raining and I’ve got a little baby that needs her picture taken, I wish we could all jump on a plane and head to Hawaii.  That said, the weather didn’t harm us this day.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was fridged outside, but we just went inside.  I had never done a shoot at the Seattle Library before, but I thought it could be cool.  And thankfully, I was right!  Check out how chic Kennedi is.  She’s the best dressed baby in town!

Yeah, she knows how to work the camera.

I totally love this picture.  The color, the windows, and even though she’s crying, Kennedi looks cute too!

Another one of my favs…

Look at those eyes!  I love how clear they are!

So we didn’t have to go to Hawaii after all, and I’m still happily living in the Great Northwest.  For one more day.  And Kennedi, you are beautiful!  Thank you for another wonderful time with me and the camera!  I can’t wait until your one year shoot!

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As I had mentioned before, I am a bit back logged on getting some shoots up.  So as you look at the bright sun in these pictures and think “wait, I thought she was in Seattle…?”, don’t be alarmed.  It’s still raining here, this is just a couple of months ago. 

You know the time of day where the sun is getting lazy and sleepily sets in the horizon?  And then that glowing mess of light is up in the sky, making you think everything is spun out of gold for that remaining hour of light?  Ah.  That is my favorite time of any day.  (I guess you could also think of the beginning of the day when the opposite happens.  But then the sun jumps up from behind the mountains and comes screaming in your window that it’s time to get up.  Oh sun.  You’re like a little kid on Christmas every day.  Not all of us want to play when you do). These pictures always remind me of that time of day (the good late one, not the early bad one).  The glow in Heidi’s hair, the sun on Emily’s face.  The illumination of the whole family.  Perfect.

This little man was our semi focus as it was near his first birthday.  He’s a natural in front of the camera.

Look at this beauty.  And look at the sun on her face.  Sigh.

I LOVE this picture!  The horse was giving Emily a kiss and I think it freaked her out a bit.  Too bad her first kiss had to be so slimy, but it sure was fun to catch with the camera!

Look at how proud Sean is to be standing on his own!  You own that ground!

I’m totally in to pictures of families like this next set.  To me it captures a family more than just standing in a line.  You get to see the interaction.  The love. 

Archers, thank you so much for this shoot.  It’s always a pleasure!

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