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The first element to a good party; pizza.  The second good friends.  Third, knowledge that a good dessert will follow the pizza.  Fourth, no inhibitions.

On Sunday, we had all of these elements.  My cousin Julie and her family all have their birthdays in January.  We decided that we should celebrate with a Wii party, which included pizza, lemon cheese cake (that I made from scratch) and guitar hero.  First we tried a new pizza place in Black Diamond called Sahara Pizza, and it was awesome!  That got our spirits in the right mood.  Then we grabbed our guitars and rocked out.  And I do mean rocked out.  We sang along with the songs, Sammie (my two year old 2nd cousin) and I danced to the music as others played their songs, and then we ended it all with one of the best cheesecake ever!!!  BTW, if you are a foodie and have never tried America’s Test Kitchen, you are missing out.  That’s where the cheesecake recipe came from, as well as all of my other recipes.  Check that out next…

Oh, I guess Sammie didn’t dance the whole time.  She did stop for a while and pretend to eat the cheese from her play kitchen.  Ah to be two again.

You may think the face is innocent, but he was killing us softly with his song (and outrageous score)

Julie pondering how she’ll beat us…

Chad going straight to “medium” hardness on his first attempt. 

This is when I was playing one of my favorite songs “Eye of the Tiger”.  It doesn’t get better than this.

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