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I am a very concentrated girl.  That doesn’t mean I concentrate well on what I should, but more likely on what I shouldn’t.  Ever since I wrote the blog of Grace in the Market, I have not been able to get the coffee from the Chocolate Box out of my head!!!  Mike and I are trying to limit sugar and caffeine (Doctor’s orders…nothing I would ever try to do with out a firm fist enforcing it!), which means it’s all I can think about!!!  Mike keeps asking me “are you upset about something?”.  I look at him confused and say “no”, and then I realize I’m thinking about coffee and how I can’t have it!  So, yesterday was a VERY special treat for me.  We went to the market so that I could get my cup o’ joe.  And yes, it was worth it.  And yes, I can feel it adversely affecting me.  And yes, I would do it all over again.   And yes, it was hard for me to throw away the empty cup even though the joy juice was gone.  I thought just smelling it was worth it.

Now that you all think I’m a nut job, I should probably sign off.  Hope ya all had a great weekend!

This is my "I'm in love" look, if you haven't seen it before

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When I was young I didn’t like Pike Place Market.  I’ve always been a germaphobe, but it was super bad when I was young.  The smell of fish flying through the air made me gauge.  I must admit, I still hold my breath when I run past the fish, but I live in the air of culture and creativity there.  I always linger on my way to Le Panier, the French bakery. I think about the dough, the crust, the tradition.  Beechers, Sur La Table, ah!  I love it.  Love it!  It is all topped off with a mocha from the Chocolate Box.  Seriously, if you like coffee and chocolate you MUST go there.  Now I must go there!  Just writing about it is making me crazy!

Enough about the Market though.  It’s the people I photographed there that are important.  I’ve loved working with the Arrigoni’s in the past, and this was no exception.  They are a family of love and joy, and it is contagious!  Their adorable daughter Grace is their delight, and she’s one of my favorite kiddos to photograph!

Look at her expression!

I absolutely love this picture!  I look down at my tummy too, but it doesn’t look this cute.

Grace was hamming it up for the people in the alley. This was supposed to be a all together family picture, but Grace needed room to perform.

Another one of my favorite pictures.

You’ve seen this one in color from the preview, but I had to get it in here in black and white too.

Arrigonis, I had such a great time with you guys!  Thanks again for the honor of working with you.

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Ah, where to begin?  First of all, it was a beautiful day.  Second, it was Pike Place Market.  Third, it was one of my favorite families.  Fourth, they bought me coffee (and not just any coffee mind you. It was specially brewed Starbucks coffee in a $1400 machine.  Uh huh.  That’s right).  I know you’re thinking my day was perfect, and the answer is “yes, yes it was”.

Here’s a cute pic of the cutie I got to work with all day. Check out those hazel eyes!  I can’t wait to show you guys more! 

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Just wanted to give you a heads up to what you’ll find this week…

Today: Strangers on the street

Tomorrow: Arrigoni Preview

Wednesday: Joridson Birthday bash

Friday:  Arrigoni’s in their glory

So back to today.  We were just wrapping up our shoot in Seattle by this graffiti wall that I absolutely love.  There was a couple there needing a picture, so I snapped one for them and put it here.  So, for my acquaintances in front of the wall, here ya go!  Hope you enjoy it!

For the rest of you, I look forward to checking back in with you this week!

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Pouring rain would be an understatement.  If you breathed too deeply, you might have risked drowning.  That’s how bad it was.  I prayed the entire drive up to Pike Place Market, pleading for a break in the weather.  I parked.  Still no change.  I dashed from over hang to over hang trying to make it to the market without looking like I took a swim in my clothes.  Still no change.  I remained hopeful, but was trying to think of a Plan B the whole way.

I pushed through the tourists into Seattle’s first Starbucks (which would be all of your first Starbucks.  Yes, you are welcome), and up to Chelsea and her mom.  They had been praying too, but still no change.  We started the shoot, staying under cover as much as possible.  Then it happened.  The rain was gone!  And Seattle was there in all her glory!  Chelsea at one point said to me that if God could make the blind man see, then she knew he could stop the rain.  She was right.  Thanks God for caring about Senior pictures and a girl’s hairdo (mine and Chelsea’s).

Chelsea, I know I said it before, but I need to say it again…I had so much fun at our shoot.  You looked gorgeous, and were a great companion wandering around Pike Place.  I wish you only the best as you pursue your dreams.

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It’s been a busy weekend, but on Saturday I promised Chelsea I’d have some pictures up from our senior shoot.  Here’s one of my favorites from the day.  Chelsea looks amazing, AND there’s a Vespa in the foreground.  Could anything be more perfect?  (Maybe my obsession with Vespa’s is becoming unhealthy.  But, if you weren’t sure what to get me for Christmas yet, can I make a suggestion?)

Check back in a couple of days and I’ll have more from our shoot at Pike Place Market. 

Chelsea, I had a blast working with you on this shoot!  Thanks for having me photograph such an important event.  It’s an honor! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

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Bricks long forgotten called out to be remembered in their former glory.  Streets and alley ways once bustling in the center of town, now find themselves occupied with pigeons.  The energy of logging and shipping on the dirt streets of Seattle now haunt the moss covered walls surrounding parking lots in the historic district just south of Pioneer Square.  It’s here, on this city block, that we found some of the brilliant backdrops for our shoot. 

After exploring the historic distric, we walked up to the Market and grabbed a few shots (and doughnuts).  :o)

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