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Although it seems like a lifetime ago, I shall fulfill my promise of putting up pictures taken with the Nikon Coolpix P6000.  Better late than never, or something like that…

I think I had mentioned that we had the opportunity to go and visit Mike’s parents in Chi-town.  We had a great time just hanging out, watching movies, playing games and eating lots of food!  Below is a picture taken in low light at a close range.  Using the counter to steady my hand, I got a pretty clear shot.  Not too bad for a point and shoot! 

Another low light shot taken at Chicago’s Fourth Presbyterian Church.  The pew helped to steady my hand, but again, pretty clear for a little camera.

Okay, slight detour.  There are a few things that I get giddy about in life.  Wine and cheese are some of them.  My in-laws took us to an awesome fondue place in Lincoln Park called Geja’s.  Because of my love affair with cheese and wine, I had to throw in a couple of pictures._0004-2

(This was the chocolate dessert fondue which comes flambe.  Not the best picture, but I thought the flame was pretty cool)

Okay, back to the camera.  This picture is taken at midday, so fairly good light.  I’m also handholding the camera.  I feel that this is a sharp picture, and the camera did well for what my needs were.  Not a shot to blow up and use in a gallery, but for a vacation shot it’s good.

Here’s another architecture picture taken at the Cultural Center.  Gotta love the Tiffany ceiling’s, right?  Again, I feel that the camera did well with the detail and gave a sharp image.

Overall, I feel the the P6000 did a good job.  Some of the pictures required a flash, which I am not a fan of, but at the same time, it’s not an SLR.  I liked being able to control the ISO, apeture and shutter speed, which you don’t get on a ton of little cameras.  So if you are in the market for a point and shoot, I think the Nikon P6000 is a good choice.


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Today is one of the best days in the world…it’s my husband’s birthday!  I can only wish that the women reading this are as loved and treasured as I am by my husband.  Mike, you are God’s greatest gift to me, and I love you.  Happy Birthday!!

(One of Mike and my Dad’s new favorite past times…I love this picture of Mike!  Fishing takes true concentration)


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