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It’s true.  My husband will tell you.  I have a love affair with old churches.  Whenever we’re driving through a new city, my eyes are always scouring the skyline for a timeworn steeple.  I love the grandeur of the ancient European churches, but there is something in the beauty of a simple, old American church steeple pointing towards Heaven that I can’t get enough of.

Combined with my love of history, it shouldn’t take much for you to realize my excitement when I found out one of these churches was apart of MY history.  One of my cousin’s started going to a church up where my mom  grew up.  Strangely enough, it was the same church my mom attended as a child.  Together the three of us went to a lady’s tea put on by the church.  It was here that reality came full circle, for right here, years before, my mom first met God.  That relationship changed to course of my history because it was in a huge part through her that I met God as well.  So maybe this church doesn’t compare to say Notre Dame for most, but to me it does.  Thank God for little country churches.

This is my lovely mother.  Thanks for who you are mom, I love you!

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