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When Emily told me they were going to live on Vashon Island for the summer, my heart sank.  Everything inside of me screamed ” That’s a whole ferry ride away!”.  After composing myself, I realized that I better start behaving like the Washingtonian that I am.  If my blood ran pure, my heart would have sang “Ferry ride!  I live for ferries!”  (please read the last half of that sentence in context only).  🙂

I was free last Monday, and took the advantage to go and see my good friend.  And even if it was just seeing her and her awesome son Ethan, it would have been worth it.  She had more planned for us though, and she took me to the very first Seattle’s Best Coffee house.

The bright sun made it hard to adjust to the coffee house’s light.  Blinking slowly, the room came into focus.  I looked around and realized I was surround by coffee roasters, general store items, and, hold your breath…orange and lavender mochas!  Emily leaned over and said that lavender was an island favorite.  We decided then and there that we would need to go to the island’s lavender farms.

Lavender fields have the enchantment of intoxicating fragrance.  We decided to not let it go to waste and quickly took a few pictures.  I know you will all agree when I tell you that my friend Emily is one hot mama!  Thanks for such a beautiful day Emma, you are wonderful!


I love chair.

And a few from our coffee adventures

My orange mocha…

And there’s no better way to end than a crazy face from Ethan.  He’s a hoot!

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The air hung heavy around my face and shoulders as I wandered through Jamestown.  I wondered what the first English to try and live in such a climate thought.  I know that my thoughts weren’t necessarily, shall we say, positive.  I tried imagining wearing a corset and heavy skirt.  My tank top and capris weren’t giving me enough air, how could a thick long skirt have been bearable?

Hours later I stood on the battlefields of Yorktown.  How could such a small, ragtag army actually defend, let alone find victory, against the world’s greatest army of the day?  Courage?  A dream?  Providence.

Throughout the rest of the week, we were in the District of Columbia.  It’s always amazing to me to see the buildings, the history, the beauty.   At every turn I was struck with wonder at our country, so new and young.  Other countries I’ve been to boast histories of hundreds of years of story, while we just sit at a handful of years.  The journey was amazing to see, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have relived our history right before the 4th of July.

Here are a few random pictures from my week.   They don’t all go together per say, but I do like the story they tell.

These are church benches at the chapel at Jamestown.  I couldn’t imagine sitting here for an hour each week, let alone all day on Sunday and evening services every other day.

The oddity and beauty of Williamsburg, the Colonies’ capital

This is at one of my favorite places, Mount Vernon, our first president’s home

Arlington National Cemetery.  The idea of placing a stone on a grave comes from the book of Joshua in the Bible, where the Israelites were instructed to put up large stones in order to remember what God had done.  To place a stone on a grave means “I remember”.  It brought tears to my eyes to see pebbles on top of  loved ones graves.  They are gone, but not forgotten.

Another of my favorite places is the World War II Monument.  My grandfather served in the war, and was forever changed by it.  I am so thankful that the memory of all who served is now peacefully resting in this beautiful monument.

Looking back at the Lincoln monument from the WWII monument.

The Vietnam monument

The camera of a photographer that captured the moments of 9/11, and then died in the disaster

Our Capital building, crowned by the statue “Freedom.”  She looks East, because the sun never sets on Freedom

There is joy and sadness in our story.  nonetheless, it is a great story.

Happy Independence Day.

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I believe that it had to be the coldest day of the year, or maybe even of all time.  Who really knows.  It was fridged, that’s all I knew for sure.  It was also the day of the Mitchell’s Christmas shoot, and little Emma was just a couple months old.  If you ever want to see a shoot done in a big hurry, put your family in freezing weather and have them take their coats off for a picture.  That will get you in and out quick.  And even though we were all in pain, we still got some great glimpses into this precious family’s life.

Don’t you just love the smile on this beauty?!

If you know the Mitchell’s, you know that Jesse is a ham.  I think that Samantha must have gotten the silly gene too. 

This is one of my favorites.  You can see how much Tammie loves her girls in this shot!

This was when Samantha decided to make her big escape to the car.  Inwardly, I think we all were wishing we were in the car.  Actually, I think we were wishing that there was a Barista waiting for us with a mocha made with craft and care to our personal likings.  When you’re cold, every one should have a barista to wait on them.   

This was shot afer the great escape, hence no smile from child number one.  That’s ok though.  She had done a great job!  And actually, I really like this picture.  There is something hilarious to me when kids have that blank expression.  Someone needs to find her barista.

And this is baby Emma.  She was such a doll!

It was wonderful working with you Mitchells!  You are always a joy!  Let’s just do Christmas pictures in July next year (In Hawaii.  With Baristas.)

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The bang of fireworks echoed through the valley below us.  Laughter, food, drinks, food, games, and food filled our night.  Catch Phrase brought about giggles as people stumbled over their words to make us guess the correct answer.  It was a great night with family and friends and the perfect way to enter into the New Year!  I hope that your time was fun bringing in 2010!

I wasn’t sure what picture suited the night the best, so I figured you probably needed to see one of my amazing husband.  Gotta love those dimples!!

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The wonder of a new life is intriguing to me.  I remember looking at our good friend’s daughter hours after her birth and seeing that she was dreaming as she slept.  What was filling her thoughts?  Her world was just beginning.  What was there to dream of?

Each time I work with a new family, especially a bran’ spankin’ new baby, I have similar thoughts.  What is this little one thinking?  Who will she be?  Who is she now? 

 I can say with pleasure that Isabelle is already a gal full of joy.  I think her mom and dad add to that reality!  There’s a sense of peace and fulfillment in this little life already.  Here’s a little look at Isabelle’s first shoot…

Look at this face!  How adorable!

If I could have antique windows in every shoot I did, my life would be perfect.

This has got to be one of my favorites from the day

I love a good family dog!  Hopefully my dog, Brutus, will have the same calm demeanor by the time we have a Baby Pat.  (yeah right).

Greg, Erin and Isabelle…I loved working with you on this shoot!  I can’t wait to continue capturing Isabelle’s first year!

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 I’ve got to tell you, I love working with this family!  I first had the privilege of working with them last year for Christmas.  I fell in love with Ella, who was around one year then.  Independent, sweet, beautiful…maybe she reminds me of myself.  I kid I kid.  She’s way younger than me.  :o) 

This year was a special surprise for me as they added one more to their number.  Kenny.   The love in their family spills out, filling the air with the sweet fragrance.  Take a look…

I usually don’t put people in a line, but I really like this one.  It kinda reminds me of the three bears.  I don’t really know why.

There is an indiscrible beauty in a mother’s love. 

And the pride in a father’s face…

Have you ever seen fall leaves like this?!  Ah, I love it!  And having Ella in the picture makes it amazing!

As I was working with Sarah and Kenny, these two where having fun in the leaves.  I love this shot!

Ella’s face in this picture captures childhood for me.  Flying, carefree, nothing can touch you. 

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One of the best gifts I got this year was having my sister and brother in law here for the holidays!  They live on the other side of the mountains, so it can be hard this time of year to come over.  But they were here for Thanksgiving!!!  I grabbed my sister and made her do a little photo shoot, and then we pulled Bryan into it as well.  I’ve been waiting to put up these photos until now so they would be on my site over Christmas.  I’ve got a pretty hot family, eh?

This series is pretty similar, but me and my sister (Laura would be her name) really like the arch…

My Mom wanted to join the fun behind the camera, so she grabbed this one of me and Laura.  I must say, she does a nice job behind the lens!

Enter Bryan.  Some have likened him to Paul Newman’s character Cool Hand Luke.  One way or the other, I think Bryan does make a nice model.

Tomorrow we leave our foot of snow to fly to Chicago’s two feet of snow to celebrate Christmas Paterson style.  Hopefully we’ll have some great pictures to share while we’re there.  We’re leaving our SLR and bringing our new Nikon Coolpix P6000, so you’ll have to check back and see what that little puppy can do!  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s!

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