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Sometimes I wonder if the weather has a sense of humor.  Was it a joke that this weekend was as warm as any spring day?  I mean, it’s only Feburary!  I loved seeing all of my neighbors out in their yards, cultivating the lawns that have gone untouched for so long.  All of a sudden the chatter of children on their bikes was filling the streets.  Bright clothes and sunglasses came out from hiding.  And it was marvelous. 

I had to show you these hilarious pictures I took of Sammie, my cousin’s daughter.  It’s like she knows how cool she is with her totally pink sunglasses and her blue raspberry dum dum.

Yeah, she knows how to work the camera.  Next weekend I’ll have to find my own polka dot shades!

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The bang of fireworks echoed through the valley below us.  Laughter, food, drinks, food, games, and food filled our night.  Catch Phrase brought about giggles as people stumbled over their words to make us guess the correct answer.  It was a great night with family and friends and the perfect way to enter into the New Year!  I hope that your time was fun bringing in 2010!

I wasn’t sure what picture suited the night the best, so I figured you probably needed to see one of my amazing husband.  Gotta love those dimples!!

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Headshots.  Gotta love ’em.  Most people don’t mind when you take a picture from a distance, but there’s something a little unnerving when the camera is right in your face.  This weekend’s headshots had nothing to worry about though.  Jan Decker, who provides makeup artistry services, hired me to shoot some models for her website.  Jan did a wonderful job with the makeup, and each model looked fabulous.  Check out a shot of each of them below.

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