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Love has many different looks.  The love of a mother for her child,  the love of a couple that has been married for 50 years… They all look different, and they are all beautiful.

There is something that sparkles with new love.  And that shimmer is all over the faces of Scott and Jac.  Intrigue and joy glow on their faces.   You can see their love for each other the minute they walk into a room.

Scott and Jac, I have loved working with you and can’t wait for your wedding!!


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So, I’ve been asked in person, in texts, in emails, and possibly moris code (was that the random banging I heard last night?) if I am still alive and could I update my blog?  My friends, I have heard your pleadful cries.  I will be absent no longer (at least for today).

Meet Adam and Kristina.  He’s from the Northwest, she’s from Texas.  Proof that love is cross cultural (I kid, I kid).  You only need to spend five minutes with these two to know they love each other.  That’s how it should be.  And it’s beautiful.  One of my most favorite things in a picture is capturing joy, and I never struggled to catch that in our engagement shoot.  Their love pours over with smiles, laughter and depth. 








Congratulations you two!  I cannot wait for your wedding!

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