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This last week Mike and I did a series of daycations.  At first I was feeling bummed to not get out of the area, but quickly lost my disappointment as we found adventure at our doorstep.  We were all over the place, Woodinville for wine tasting, Seattle for lunch and coffee, watching Inception (yes, I am in love with it), etc, etc.

The last day we decided to go a bit further off the grid.  Neither of us had been up to Sunrise at Mt Rainier, at least in our known memory, so we headed out.  The day before an extremely thoughtful and loving friend, knowing I am in love with cupcakes and quite enchanted with Cupcake Royal,  had picked up the darling bundles for us at that very place. So we packed those little babies gently in the back seat and headed for the mountain.  I had wanted to take pictures of my precious on our hike, but the mosquitoes were on a rampage that day, and the sugar got their little taste buds blazing.  So, here is my delicate fresh strawberry cupcake overlooking the majestic view at Sunrise lookout.

The summer may feel as if it’s coming to a close, but my love for cupcakes lives on strong within my heart.  There is always summer in the bite of a cupcake (or something corny like that).  🙂

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I’m sure some of you are wondering why I haven’t posted a shoot for a week or two.  The answer is that most families have had their portraits done for Christmas, and all the Brides are waiting for good weather to get married.  I figured I’d take some of this down time to fill you in more on who I am.

So you need to know that I love television.  No, I’m not one of those girls that wastes my life in front of it, but I do like a good show.  Since this is the last season of Lost, we figured we should enjoy it with friends.  Jim and Kari have been joining Mike and I as we try and figure out what the heck is going on.   I mean, are we talking Purgatory?  Alternative Universes?   Who knows.  I mean truly, who knows?  I’m not even sure the writers know.  Yet we are unfettered!  We’re still having fun even if it’s a crazy story.

The best part about it is that you get to have snack food on Tuesday like it’s Friday night.  That’s what brings me to the purpose of our blog.  Cupcakes.  An Amber Paterson favorite.  And not just any cupcakes mind you, but Cupcake Royale.  Uh Huh.  That’s right.  That’s how we play at the Paterson house.  Well, maybe it’s more like at the Hammit-Caster house since Kari brought the goods.  Either way, you got to get yourself one of this lil’ babies.  These are Baby Cakes.  About 2 bites worth, but oh so good. 

That’s right, it DOES  do a booty good… maybe too good…

Do you see Kari’s shirt?  “Legalize Frostitution”.  Oh man, that’s what I want for my birthday this year.  Frostitiution.  (Can I say that?!)

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