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I believe that it had to be the coldest day of the year, or maybe even of all time.  Who really knows.  It was fridged, that’s all I knew for sure.  It was also the day of the Mitchell’s Christmas shoot, and little Emma was just a couple months old.  If you ever want to see a shoot done in a big hurry, put your family in freezing weather and have them take their coats off for a picture.  That will get you in and out quick.  And even though we were all in pain, we still got some great glimpses into this precious family’s life.

Don’t you just love the smile on this beauty?!

If you know the Mitchell’s, you know that Jesse is a ham.  I think that Samantha must have gotten the silly gene too. 

This is one of my favorites.  You can see how much Tammie loves her girls in this shot!

This was when Samantha decided to make her big escape to the car.  Inwardly, I think we all were wishing we were in the car.  Actually, I think we were wishing that there was a Barista waiting for us with a mocha made with craft and care to our personal likings.  When you’re cold, every one should have a barista to wait on them.   

This was shot afer the great escape, hence no smile from child number one.  That’s ok though.  She had done a great job!  And actually, I really like this picture.  There is something hilarious to me when kids have that blank expression.  Someone needs to find her barista.

And this is baby Emma.  She was such a doll!

It was wonderful working with you Mitchells!  You are always a joy!  Let’s just do Christmas pictures in July next year (In Hawaii.  With Baristas.)

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Ah, where to begin?  First of all, it was a beautiful day.  Second, it was Pike Place Market.  Third, it was one of my favorite families.  Fourth, they bought me coffee (and not just any coffee mind you. It was specially brewed Starbucks coffee in a $1400 machine.  Uh huh.  That’s right).  I know you’re thinking my day was perfect, and the answer is “yes, yes it was”.

Here’s a cute pic of the cutie I got to work with all day. Check out those hazel eyes!  I can’t wait to show you guys more! 

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The wonder of a new life is intriguing to me.  I remember looking at our good friend’s daughter hours after her birth and seeing that she was dreaming as she slept.  What was filling her thoughts?  Her world was just beginning.  What was there to dream of?

Each time I work with a new family, especially a bran’ spankin’ new baby, I have similar thoughts.  What is this little one thinking?  Who will she be?  Who is she now? 

 I can say with pleasure that Isabelle is already a gal full of joy.  I think her mom and dad add to that reality!  There’s a sense of peace and fulfillment in this little life already.  Here’s a little look at Isabelle’s first shoot…

Look at this face!  How adorable!

If I could have antique windows in every shoot I did, my life would be perfect.

This has got to be one of my favorites from the day

I love a good family dog!  Hopefully my dog, Brutus, will have the same calm demeanor by the time we have a Baby Pat.  (yeah right).

Greg, Erin and Isabelle…I loved working with you on this shoot!  I can’t wait to continue capturing Isabelle’s first year!

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 I’ve got to tell you, I love working with this family!  I first had the privilege of working with them last year for Christmas.  I fell in love with Ella, who was around one year then.  Independent, sweet, beautiful…maybe she reminds me of myself.  I kid I kid.  She’s way younger than me.  :o) 

This year was a special surprise for me as they added one more to their number.  Kenny.   The love in their family spills out, filling the air with the sweet fragrance.  Take a look…

I usually don’t put people in a line, but I really like this one.  It kinda reminds me of the three bears.  I don’t really know why.

There is an indiscrible beauty in a mother’s love. 

And the pride in a father’s face…

Have you ever seen fall leaves like this?!  Ah, I love it!  And having Ella in the picture makes it amazing!

As I was working with Sarah and Kenny, these two where having fun in the leaves.  I love this shot!

Ella’s face in this picture captures childhood for me.  Flying, carefree, nothing can touch you. 

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One of the best gifts I got this year was having my sister and brother in law here for the holidays!  They live on the other side of the mountains, so it can be hard this time of year to come over.  But they were here for Thanksgiving!!!  I grabbed my sister and made her do a little photo shoot, and then we pulled Bryan into it as well.  I’ve been waiting to put up these photos until now so they would be on my site over Christmas.  I’ve got a pretty hot family, eh?

This series is pretty similar, but me and my sister (Laura would be her name) really like the arch…

My Mom wanted to join the fun behind the camera, so she grabbed this one of me and Laura.  I must say, she does a nice job behind the lens!

Enter Bryan.  Some have likened him to Paul Newman’s character Cool Hand Luke.  One way or the other, I think Bryan does make a nice model.

Tomorrow we leave our foot of snow to fly to Chicago’s two feet of snow to celebrate Christmas Paterson style.  Hopefully we’ll have some great pictures to share while we’re there.  We’re leaving our SLR and bringing our new Nikon Coolpix P6000, so you’ll have to check back and see what that little puppy can do!  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s!

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I can’t tell you how excited I get by beauty.  Seriously, its like someone implanted a trigger that vibrates my stomach each time something catches my eye.  The town of Enumclaw has always set off that trigger.  Extensive farmland stretches out its hands to the foothills of Mt. Rainer.  When I was younger and needed time to rejuvenate, I would drive around the old farm roads, soaking in the beauty of each turn. 

So last weekend when one of my shoots was in Enumclaw I got pretty excited.  The farther I drove, the more I sensed I was going to an area that I always thought unique with it’s strange rock formations jetting out of the ground.  Thankfully, my gut wasn’t wrong.  The shoot took place right at the base of one of these beauties.  All this was the backdrop to document Charlotte’s, lovingly called Charlie, six month birthday!  Speaking of beauty, check out Charlie’s family.  Yes, they are easy on the eyes, but let me tell you, they are truly beautiful inside out.  Thank you to Charlie’s family for the opportunity to work with you again.  It is always a pleasure!

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There are some kids that steal your heart with just one look.  Olivia is one of those kids.  Her brown eyes dance with each thought that skips through her mind.  If you wonder where she got such passion, you needn’t look far.  The love that Kevin and Anna have for Olivia are the wings she flies with. 

Thank you Kevin, Anna and Olivia for letting me capture a few moments of your life.  You are a beautiful family, and I am so glad to have worked with you!

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