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I am a very concentrated girl.  That doesn’t mean I concentrate well on what I should, but more likely on what I shouldn’t.  Ever since I wrote the blog of Grace in the Market, I have not been able to get the coffee from the Chocolate Box out of my head!!!  Mike and I are trying to limit sugar and caffeine (Doctor’s orders…nothing I would ever try to do with out a firm fist enforcing it!), which means it’s all I can think about!!!  Mike keeps asking me “are you upset about something?”.  I look at him confused and say “no”, and then I realize I’m thinking about coffee and how I can’t have it!  So, yesterday was a VERY special treat for me.  We went to the market so that I could get my cup o’ joe.  And yes, it was worth it.  And yes, I can feel it adversely affecting me.  And yes, I would do it all over again.   And yes, it was hard for me to throw away the empty cup even though the joy juice was gone.  I thought just smelling it was worth it.

Now that you all think I’m a nut job, I should probably sign off.  Hope ya all had a great weekend!

This is my "I'm in love" look, if you haven't seen it before

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