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I mentioned before that I had the opportunity to take a picture for Auburn Regional Medical Center’s baby fair billboard. – and here she be!  Tomorrow’s the baby fair from 10-2, and it sounds like it’s going to be a hoppin’ time!  They’ll be giving away free bike helmets to kiddos and adults alike.  Tons of vendors will be there (myself included) and there will be door prizes and much more!  Hope to see you there!

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Thank you to all who voted for your favorite picture!   Each baby and picture were wonderful, but Pretty in Pink #1 is our winner!!  Congratulations!  I’ll be sending Mom & Dad a 5×7 of the print as their prize.

Thanks again to all of you for participating.

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I’m sure some of you thought I dropped off the face of the earth with my lack of blogging.  Truth be told, I think I did.  :o)  Mike and I celebrated our 5th anniversary this last week, and my mind was all wrapped up in that.  Feet back on the ground, I can properly attend to my blogging duties. 

This weekend I did a shoot for Auburn Regional Medical Center.  They are having a baby fair and hired me to take pictures for their brochure and billboard (yes, I’m going to have a picture on a billboard!!  I’m so excited!  Thank you Auburn Regional for the opportunity!).  The below pictures are not the “offical” pictures from the day, but ones we took before the actual shoot. 

Here’s where you come in.  I’ve posted different styles for a few of the pictures and would love some feedback.  In the comments, I’d love it if you could let me know which you like out of the different series.  Also, vote for your over all favorite and I’ll send the parents a free 5×7 of the winning picture.  Thanks guys!

Mom & Son #1

Mom & Son #2

Baby Blue #1

Baby Blue #2

Baby Blue #3

Pretty in Pink #1

Pretty in Pink #2

Pretty in Pink #3

Brown eyed wonder #1

Brown eyed wonder #2

Hazel is the new black #1

Hazel is the new black #2

Okay, so that’s the end of the voting, but I thought some of these were super cute.  Here are the babies waiting for their picture to be taken…

To all the parents and baby models…Thanks for the privilege of working with each of you.  Your babies are beautiful, and it was a joy to capture some pictures of your children.

To Auburn Regional, thanks again for the opportunity to work with you.  I’m excited to be able to help promote your baby fair!

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