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I looked across the table and saw him.  Who was he?  I knew everybody, but I didn’t know him.  We met eyes, he dropped his gaze.   I went back to my doodling.   My cocky 8th grade head was too interested in my bobbley eyed smiley face than to make introductions.  Somehow from that moment on though, Kaephas was embedded into my life story.  I don’t really know how it evolved from that first awkward moment in 8th grade, but it did.  Both Mike and I have had the privilege of calling Kaephas our friend for well over half our lives. 

One day Kaephas brought Latara to a party.  Who was she?  I knew everybody in the room, but not her.  Repeat story above, but an awkward twenty something version.  We haven’t known her half of our lives yet, but she is already so important to us!  Kaephas and Latara have grown in their friendship and love.  We were so excited to share in this moment of life with them as all our stories are continually bound together.

I LOVE this picutre! 

I think Kaeph watched Zoolander to perfect his “sexy look”.  It worked.  Hot Kaeph, so hot.

Talk about a BEAUTIFUL bride.  Look at those eyes!

Ok, so maybe this was the real Zoolander look.  I actually think either Mike or Kaeph said that they needed a few “blue steel” looks.

Kaeph and Latara, we love you so much!!!  Thank you for so much for letting us capture your day!

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