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I can remember the fluttering of butterfly wings in my stomach on every “first day of school”.  Although Summer was loved, it couldn’t compare to the affair with Fall and going back to school.  New clothes, new pens, new notebook, old friends, it was wonderful.  I thought of these pictures today because the look on Madison’s face at the playground reminded me of myself running around the school grounds. 

Of course we needed some of her beautiful mom Jenae in there too!

Good luck to all the parents out there today!  I’m sure that Starbucks is going to see a boost in sales this morning.  :o)

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08.08.08, that’s Peter & Ashley’s date.  Probably the most sought after day of the year, these two were able to secure Thornewood Castle and have one of the most elegant weddings I’ve seen.  There’s more to come, but I wanted to get at least a couple pictures up for the beaming parents to see.

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