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Their first date was to Mount Peak.  Their engagement was at Mount Peak.  It seemed only right that their wedding should be at Mount Peak.  And it was beautiful.  They didn’t need a single decoration or back drop; the valley and Mt. Rainer took care of that. 

The sun blazed to try and match Scott and Jac’s excitement.  The flowers all bloomed as if they were there just for the ceremony.  And nothing beats wild flowers.  Well, except a beaming bride.  That will out do just about anything.  And Jaclyn was the perfect beauty. 

I love love LOVE this one!! 

Handsome, yeah?  Yeah.

Ah, she melts me.

Gotta love the orange



Oh Jac, you are exquisit!

Ok, last one of the bouquet…

Isn’t her ring fabulous?

After the mountain top ceremony, Scott and Jac made their enterance into the reception by boat. And yes, I got to ride with them.  We had to kill a few minutes, so we boated around Lake Tapps for a bit.  The view of Mount Rainer was stunning, and the breeze felt wonderful.  The reception was done wonderfully overlooking the lake.  Adults mingled and dined, while the kids took to the lake for more adventureous entertainment.

Flowers lined the pathway through the terraced garden.

Jaclyn’s mom is a graphic designer, and had romantic details throughout the reception.  (And I was thrilled to see that they used their engagment pictures in such a fun way!)

And my most favorite part of all?  The wedding favors.  They had canisters of assorted candy for their guest to dig into.  I couldn’t hold back when they told me to grab a bag.  I thought I would just put a few of my favs in there, but soon I had a full bag.  Ah Candy.  I do love you.

And after partying and celebrating to their hearts content, Scott and Jac left under a banner of bubbles.

Congratulations you two!  Know that Mike and I love you and thoroughly enjoyed photographing your wedding!

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This weekend was the perfect weekend of weather and beauty for a wedding.  I’m going to tell you more about this fabulous couple next week, but wanted their guests to get a quick look at of at least one picture from the wedding.  More to come!!

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It’s interesting the places you find your soul mate.  It’s always unexpected, and always a cherished story.  I found mine in an old friend, someone who had walked beside me for years when suddenly my eyes were opened.  Heather found her’s on a dance floor.  I’m not sure that’s the first meeting for them, but I know they fell in love as they danced.  Full of laughter and fun, it seems dancing is the perfect place to have their enthusiasm for life take expression and lead to love.


I loved the contrast of the embroidered leaves of her dress against the real thing

I must tell you, this is my favorite picture!!  Thank you Heather for being willing to get so close to the bumble bees!

And the one that made her laugh and fall in love…

Isn’t Heather’s look precious?

I love diamonds and flowers, so why not put them together?

I’m into the laughter.  I really am.

Again, another of my favs…

The best way to end is to start where they began.  Dancing.

John and Heather, you are beautiful together and we loved working with you.  Thank you for letting us join in your day!

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She calls him Jolly, not only because it’s his last name, but because it’s how he makes her feel.  She laughed as she told me.  And she didn’t mean “bowl full of jelly” Santa Clause “jolly”.  More the “I’ve met my soul mate” and definetly the “I’m in love” type of jolly.  Pretty sure you know what I mean.  And now they’re both Jolly.  Two weeks ago these two love birds tied the knot, and we were invited to caputre the day.  Here’s a quick preview…More to come soon…

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You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.  The sun was shining, the blue of the sky was bright as topaz.  It was perfect weather to celebrate Jeff and Jillian’s wedding.  These two lucky ducks had gotten married on a cruise a couple of weeks before, and it was time to party with family and friends.

Don’t you love her shoes?!

I think this one is so funny!

This baby boy was cuttin’ the rug!

Jeff and Jillian, thank you so much for letting us be apart of you celebration!

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I looked across the table and saw him.  Who was he?  I knew everybody, but I didn’t know him.  We met eyes, he dropped his gaze.   I went back to my doodling.   My cocky 8th grade head was too interested in my bobbley eyed smiley face than to make introductions.  Somehow from that moment on though, Kaephas was embedded into my life story.  I don’t really know how it evolved from that first awkward moment in 8th grade, but it did.  Both Mike and I have had the privilege of calling Kaephas our friend for well over half our lives. 

One day Kaephas brought Latara to a party.  Who was she?  I knew everybody in the room, but not her.  Repeat story above, but an awkward twenty something version.  We haven’t known her half of our lives yet, but she is already so important to us!  Kaephas and Latara have grown in their friendship and love.  We were so excited to share in this moment of life with them as all our stories are continually bound together.

I LOVE this picutre! 

I think Kaeph watched Zoolander to perfect his “sexy look”.  It worked.  Hot Kaeph, so hot.

Talk about a BEAUTIFUL bride.  Look at those eyes!

Ok, so maybe this was the real Zoolander look.  I actually think either Mike or Kaeph said that they needed a few “blue steel” looks.

Kaeph and Latara, we love you so much!!!  Thank you for so much for letting us capture your day!

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There will be more to come, but I wanted to put up a quick blog from this weekend.  Friday was Adam and Kristina’s wedding, and it was an absolute joy for Mike and I to be apart of.  Here’s a picture of the two love birds, and I’ll put up more soon.

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