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Last year we brought Brutus into our lives.  He was just 4 lbs, and as fluffy as a teddy bear.  We have always been a large dog family, but I decided I wanted to have a dog that didn’t shed.  Most of the varieties that I liked were little, so we took the plunge and brought our lil’ guy home.  I can tell you right away, there is a HUGE difference between a small dog and a big dog.  And although a couple of the differences are hard to handle some days, Brutus has won my heart.  Take a look at him when he was just a pup…

This is his “all grown up” picture, even though he’s only 9 or 10 months old.  So sophisticated.

So yes.  Brutus has won a place on my favorites lists.  And the best part of all?  I don’t have any hair on my clothes as I write this!  Mission accomplished!!

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There are needs and there are wants.   I know what real needs are, but if I could live in a world where my favorite things were added to my “need” list, it would be fabulous! 

This is extremely hard for me to say, as I was  a tomboy growing up.  I love Mac.  Mac as in the makeup company.  There.  It’s out.  Judge me world, I don’t care!  I’m in love!  And it’s wonderful.  I try walking past every time, but I ALWAYS have to stop and see if there’s anything new.  The eye shadows are bright and colorful, the lipstick smells of creamy vanilla, it’s like they were able to package cupcakes in a tube.

There you have it.  That is a little piece of me for you to know.  Drink it in, because you know I do!

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This weekend my dad was helping a friend build a railing for their deck, and he asked if we wanted to tag along.  I know, it sounds kinda weird but their friends live on the Puget Sound.  I mean, right on the Sound.  When the tide is in the sea water goes under their deck.  He thought we’d enjoy the weather and being able to take some pictures.  He was right.

Mike and I combed the beach.  An interesting array of life was spouted onto the shore.  Like a child hiding their treasure, the waves gently place shells, crabs and whatever else it’s hands have taken up in the oddest places.  This shell was in an old dock post.

Being by the water on such a glorious day gave me and Mike an itching to go kayaking.  Then we began dreaming of living in a place that we could walk out our back door and onto the water.  The problem, besides money :o), is that we’d love to walk out our back door to a lot of things.  Like a 10 acre pasture, or the mountains, or a quaint bistro (ok, that last one is just me, not Mike).  Mom grabbed a picture of us while we sat there.  I thought she did a great job!

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I’m always in wonder, pondering the thoughts of a child.  The most simple things amaze them, like the feel of a dry leaf or a crumpled piece of paper.  Yet they often do not see the bigger, “grander” things that we adults see.  Is it better that way?  What if I looked at each day with the same innocent amusement in the face of this child?  If I did, I probably wouldn’t have been so exasperated today at Costco with all the lines.  What does this have to do with photography?  Today, not much.  But as I was running errands I kept thinking about this picture and how peaceful she looks compared to the almost wrathful way I was leaving the store.  It’s time for me to enjoy the simple pleasures in my life and let go of the meaningless things that annoyed me this morning.  Tommorrow I’ll go back to photography, but I needed to remind myself to calm down and this was a nice way to do it.

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