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Their first date was to Mount Peak.  Their engagement was at Mount Peak.  It seemed only right that their wedding should be at Mount Peak.  And it was beautiful.  They didn’t need a single decoration or back drop; the valley and Mt. Rainer took care of that. 

The sun blazed to try and match Scott and Jac’s excitement.  The flowers all bloomed as if they were there just for the ceremony.  And nothing beats wild flowers.  Well, except a beaming bride.  That will out do just about anything.  And Jaclyn was the perfect beauty. 

I love love LOVE this one!! 

Handsome, yeah?  Yeah.

Ah, she melts me.

Gotta love the orange



Oh Jac, you are exquisit!

Ok, last one of the bouquet…

Isn’t her ring fabulous?

After the mountain top ceremony, Scott and Jac made their enterance into the reception by boat. And yes, I got to ride with them.  We had to kill a few minutes, so we boated around Lake Tapps for a bit.  The view of Mount Rainer was stunning, and the breeze felt wonderful.  The reception was done wonderfully overlooking the lake.  Adults mingled and dined, while the kids took to the lake for more adventureous entertainment.

Flowers lined the pathway through the terraced garden.

Jaclyn’s mom is a graphic designer, and had romantic details throughout the reception.  (And I was thrilled to see that they used their engagment pictures in such a fun way!)

And my most favorite part of all?  The wedding favors.  They had canisters of assorted candy for their guest to dig into.  I couldn’t hold back when they told me to grab a bag.  I thought I would just put a few of my favs in there, but soon I had a full bag.  Ah Candy.  I do love you.

And after partying and celebrating to their hearts content, Scott and Jac left under a banner of bubbles.

Congratulations you two!  Know that Mike and I love you and thoroughly enjoyed photographing your wedding!

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This weekend was the perfect weekend of weather and beauty for a wedding.  I’m going to tell you more about this fabulous couple next week, but wanted their guests to get a quick look at of at least one picture from the wedding.  More to come!!

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I nonchalantly glanced over the titles on the magazines while standing in line at the grocery store.  Movie stars, reality tv stars, burgers, how to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, WAIT! Was that burgers?!  Of all the titles of all the magazines, could one really be featuring Seattle’s best burgers?  It was a must buy.  A must do.  The list was a challenge that needed to be accomplished.  A savory delight that was begging for a champion. 

Over the last year Mike and I have been working through the list in the article and have found some exceptional places.  The most recent spot we’ve been to was also by far the best.  I must tell you friends, The Palace Kitchen in Seattle has the most amazing, juicy, flavorful burgers that I’ve ever laid my teeth on.  Everything is local, which makes the taste even more intense from the freshness.  It’s a simple burger, but it packs a punch.  The Beecher’s Flagship cheese from the market tops it off fabulously. 

So, this really has nothing to do with photography, except the fact that you better go and get one and take a picture of yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.


(picture is taken from the Seattle Met…I’m offsight tonight and not able to access my own picture)

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The air hung heavy around my face and shoulders as I wandered through Jamestown.  I wondered what the first English to try and live in such a climate thought.  I know that my thoughts weren’t necessarily, shall we say, positive.  I tried imagining wearing a corset and heavy skirt.  My tank top and capris weren’t giving me enough air, how could a thick long skirt have been bearable?

Hours later I stood on the battlefields of Yorktown.  How could such a small, ragtag army actually defend, let alone find victory, against the world’s greatest army of the day?  Courage?  A dream?  Providence.

Throughout the rest of the week, we were in the District of Columbia.  It’s always amazing to me to see the buildings, the history, the beauty.   At every turn I was struck with wonder at our country, so new and young.  Other countries I’ve been to boast histories of hundreds of years of story, while we just sit at a handful of years.  The journey was amazing to see, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have relived our history right before the 4th of July.

Here are a few random pictures from my week.   They don’t all go together per say, but I do like the story they tell.

These are church benches at the chapel at Jamestown.  I couldn’t imagine sitting here for an hour each week, let alone all day on Sunday and evening services every other day.

The oddity and beauty of Williamsburg, the Colonies’ capital

This is at one of my favorite places, Mount Vernon, our first president’s home

Arlington National Cemetery.  The idea of placing a stone on a grave comes from the book of Joshua in the Bible, where the Israelites were instructed to put up large stones in order to remember what God had done.  To place a stone on a grave means “I remember”.  It brought tears to my eyes to see pebbles on top of  loved ones graves.  They are gone, but not forgotten.

Another of my favorite places is the World War II Monument.  My grandfather served in the war, and was forever changed by it.  I am so thankful that the memory of all who served is now peacefully resting in this beautiful monument.

Looking back at the Lincoln monument from the WWII monument.

The Vietnam monument

The camera of a photographer that captured the moments of 9/11, and then died in the disaster

Our Capital building, crowned by the statue “Freedom.”  She looks East, because the sun never sets on Freedom

There is joy and sadness in our story.  nonetheless, it is a great story.

Happy Independence Day.

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