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Ah, where to begin?  First of all, it was a beautiful day.  Second, it was Pike Place Market.  Third, it was one of my favorite families.  Fourth, they bought me coffee (and not just any coffee mind you. It was specially brewed Starbucks coffee in a $1400 machine.  Uh huh.  That’s right).  I know you’re thinking my day was perfect, and the answer is “yes, yes it was”.

Here’s a cute pic of the cutie I got to work with all day. Check out those hazel eyes!  I can’t wait to show you guys more! 


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Just wanted to give you a heads up to what you’ll find this week…

Today: Strangers on the street

Tomorrow: Arrigoni Preview

Wednesday: Joridson Birthday bash

Friday:  Arrigoni’s in their glory

So back to today.  We were just wrapping up our shoot in Seattle by this graffiti wall that I absolutely love.  There was a couple there needing a picture, so I snapped one for them and put it here.  So, for my acquaintances in front of the wall, here ya go!  Hope you enjoy it!

For the rest of you, I look forward to checking back in with you this week!

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The park was full of life and beginnings.  Brides quitely standing in the shade waiting to go down the aisle in various parts of the lawn.  Children’s laugther, the whack of tennis balls spinning on the courts, the whisper of lovers, all floated through the air.  All added to the shimmer of the day, creating the perfect back drop for Kennedi’s second shoot. 

Look at the love on their faces!

The Shirk’s brought along some of their best friends to join our shoot as well.  Their little kiddos are almost exactly the same age, giving them a fun attachment.

All ready for business. 

BFFs from birth.

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I don’t doubt that it’s come to your attention that I’ve been back logged on my blogging.  That said, I need to get some pictures up of the poor families that have had to wait FOREVER to see their shots posted!! 

These lovely faces you have seen before.  I do a package of shoots for a child’s first year, and this was Abigail’s one year shoot.  Following her around, I remembered the first time we met.  She was just seven days old, and the perfect model!  You can look back and see her first shoot here. She’s grown into a smart, blueberry totin’ lil’ gal and I love taking pictures of her!

Peter Rabbit, could there be a more classic children’s book?

See, I told you she likes her blueberries.  Good thing Grandma grows them for her!

Abigail had just heard her daddy’s voice when I took this picture.  He was walking up behind me.  This is a little girl that loves her daddy!

What a beautiful pair, eh?

A girl and her shoes, now that’s a fantastic thing.

Burlandos, thank you so much for the joy of this last year!  You are a joy!

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The bang of fireworks echoed through the valley below us.  Laughter, food, drinks, food, games, and food filled our night.  Catch Phrase brought about giggles as people stumbled over their words to make us guess the correct answer.  It was a great night with family and friends and the perfect way to enter into the New Year!  I hope that your time was fun bringing in 2010!

I wasn’t sure what picture suited the night the best, so I figured you probably needed to see one of my amazing husband.  Gotta love those dimples!!

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