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There’s a mystery surrounding boys.  Or maybe it’s the obvious that is mystifying.  The bend toward destruction, frogs and the general “mischief” are never far from their minds.  It’s as if they come out of the womb ready for danger and destruction.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this mystery.  It’s just a reality that baffles me.  Growing  up with a sister, I found I played mind games more than planning physical torture.  And Laura, if you are reading this, I’m sorry I made you believe I was an alien.

I say this because a shoot with a little girl is different than that with a little boy.  The girls from about 6 months old on know how to work the camera.  Boys know how to evade it.  Both are beautiful to me. 

Here’s a little guy that knows how to conquer every leaf and stick in the park.  By the time we were done, the squirrels and birds knew who was the king of the forest.  Jackson artfully conquered each hill and tree, and the grass was laid low at his bidding.  He is a boy.  There is no doubt about it.  And he was a joy to follow around.  Although there was no cooing at the camera, Jackson gave us some great things to work with.  The adventure of being a boy.

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The Wedding

I wasn’t one of those girls who sat and dreamed about her wedding day.  Honestly, I hadn’t given it any thought until sometime after Mike and I were engaged.  I’ve got to tell you though, after photographing weddings, you better believe I’m thinking about what I would do now.  Kristina’s dress is one of the things that makes me think of my Big Day, if I were to do it again (not that I have any plans of the kind…maybe a 10 year reenactment or something, like they do for the Civil War).  Anyway…I absolutely LOVE her dress. 

And she looked glorious in it

And her bridegroom was equally handsome

Half the fun of weddings is also that all your friends are there…

Ah, the love of young children trying to out hug (or render unconscious) their peers

Thank you Adam and Kristina for allowing us to be apart of your memories.  We loved every minute of it!

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