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My morning

The crackle of the radio alarm breaks it’s way into my dream.  “Is Brad Pitt really my cousin?  Did I baby sit his kids all night?  No this must be a dream…or is it?”  (Later I confirm with my husband, just to make sure I’m not going nuts.)  I groan to myself, wishing that my wake up call could feel more natural.  I stumble to the shower and wonder if the world would miss me if I stayed in there an hour or so.  And although I hate getting up, the mornings are usually the most valued part of the day to me.  It’s when I feel God closer in the room.  Granted, He’s always there, but I don’t always acknowledge Him so well.  I turn the water off in the shower and wonder if I should make coffee or tea to kick this Brad Pitt dream hang over.  That’s when I open the window and see the Mountain (or The Volcano as we call it in our house).  People feel closer to God in many different ways, but for me it’s nature.  Knowing that God took the time to make this world beautiful for His glory and our pleasure is phenomenal to me.  Brad Pitt’s children are the last thing on my mind.  The anxiety of the day dissappears.  It’s just God and me.  The rest of the day is pounding on the door, but for these precious minuets  it’s just me and my Creator._0001

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So I’m not a Techy

Fine.  I’ll admit it.  I”m not a techy.  I haven’t blogged now for what, 4 weeks and I have bearly glanced at Facebook.  I’m trying hard to be cool, I am.  I’m just not that cool.  Thanks to those of you who haven’t given up on stopping by.

So, if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, the answer is moving.  We packed up our lives and moved 10 min down the road.  Now I have a beautiful “whispering blue” kitchen and an amazing view of Mt. Rainer.  I can’t wait to put up a picture of our “backyard”.  We need to actually set up our desktop and get some pictures together, we just need to find the box that it’s in!

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