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One of the best gifts I got this year was having my sister and brother in law here for the holidays!  They live on the other side of the mountains, so it can be hard this time of year to come over.  But they were here for Thanksgiving!!!  I grabbed my sister and made her do a little photo shoot, and then we pulled Bryan into it as well.  I’ve been waiting to put up these photos until now so they would be on my site over Christmas.  I’ve got a pretty hot family, eh?

This series is pretty similar, but me and my sister (Laura would be her name) really like the arch…

My Mom wanted to join the fun behind the camera, so she grabbed this one of me and Laura.  I must say, she does a nice job behind the lens!

Enter Bryan.  Some have likened him to Paul Newman’s character Cool Hand Luke.  One way or the other, I think Bryan does make a nice model.

Tomorrow we leave our foot of snow to fly to Chicago’s two feet of snow to celebrate Christmas Paterson style.  Hopefully we’ll have some great pictures to share while we’re there.  We’re leaving our SLR and bringing our new Nikon Coolpix P6000, so you’ll have to check back and see what that little puppy can do!  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s!

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I can’t tell you how excited I get by beauty.  Seriously, its like someone implanted a trigger that vibrates my stomach each time something catches my eye.  The town of Enumclaw has always set off that trigger.  Extensive farmland stretches out its hands to the foothills of Mt. Rainer.  When I was younger and needed time to rejuvenate, I would drive around the old farm roads, soaking in the beauty of each turn. 

So last weekend when one of my shoots was in Enumclaw I got pretty excited.  The farther I drove, the more I sensed I was going to an area that I always thought unique with it’s strange rock formations jetting out of the ground.  Thankfully, my gut wasn’t wrong.  The shoot took place right at the base of one of these beauties.  All this was the backdrop to document Charlotte’s, lovingly called Charlie, six month birthday!  Speaking of beauty, check out Charlie’s family.  Yes, they are easy on the eyes, but let me tell you, they are truly beautiful inside out.  Thank you to Charlie’s family for the opportunity to work with you again.  It is always a pleasure!

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Don’t look at the composition of this picture.  I was only checking my exposure.  Instead, look at the fine specimen within the pictures.  My Friends, this is Mount Rainer.  We here in Washington wake up to this beauty every morning, and say “good night” to her as the sun turns her snowy skin to an ashen amber.  So yes, I do own a jacket.  And yes, the rain did ruin my hair yesterday.  But all of that is whisked away in the radiance of my mountain.*

* (please note: If you do not know me well yet, the above is dripping in sarcasm.  I don’t make sacrifices to the Mountain or anything.)

 Now that I’ve got that off my chest…  :o)

This is Samantha.  Sweet.  Funny.  Daredevil.  Destined to be a heart breaker with those topaz eyes, loving personality and nerves of steal.  No other toddler can claim the playground like this kiddo._00013



You know you’ve got all the pictures one baby can take when you get shots like this…(personally, it’s one of my favorites from the day).

Thank you Samantha and family for such a fun day at the park!  It was a pleasure working with you!!

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Ok, so it wasn’t really rain.  It was fog.  Fog so intense that you couldn’t see more than 50 feet in front of you.   And of course, we had scheduled an outdoor Christmas shoot.  I love Washington, I really do.  But some days I think of my family in California and wonder if they even own jackets. 

And although the fog was impenetrable, it actually made a pretty dang cool back drop.  Especially when one of your subjects is a blue Great Dane.

Here’s a few of the rest of the fam from the day…

Thank you all for such a fun day of shooting!  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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There are some kids that steal your heart with just one look.  Olivia is one of those kids.  Her brown eyes dance with each thought that skips through her mind.  If you wonder where she got such passion, you needn’t look far.  The love that Kevin and Anna have for Olivia are the wings she flies with. 

Thank you Kevin, Anna and Olivia for letting me capture a few moments of your life.  You are a beautiful family, and I am so glad to have worked with you!

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