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The quietness of the lake was contrasted with the laughter of the wedding party.  Excitement flowed in and around them as the last preparations were made for the ceremony.

The ceremony had a simple elegance, as Todd & Elaine expressed themselves in the music, stories and words chosen. 

The reception held it’s own, as the guests were invited to high tea.  Their appetites satisfied, the guests were then invited to the dance floor for swing dance lessons.

Leaving in perfect style, a Rolls Royce picked the bride and groom up to whisk them away to Hotel 1000, with a quick side trip to Starbucks to remember their first date together.

Todd & Elaine, it was a joy to work with you.  Congratulations!


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The speeches after the ceremony were right.  When Elaine walks into a room, Todd’s heart skips a beat.  He’s fuller, peaceful, filled with joy.  In a word, Elaine completes him.  Elaine is beautiful as she rests in the love of her husband.

In the next day or two I will be posting more pictures from their wedding, but I wanted to get some up today as a sneak peak. 








 Congratulations you guys!

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Yesterday we had the privilege of shooting Todd & Elaine’s wedding.  It was a beautifully unique ceremony and reception, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of their photos later this week.  Stay tuned!

I’m also extremely excited to announce that our new web site is coming soon!  We have the honor of working with Clear, one of the best branding and graphic design companies out there.  So get ready for some much needed changes.  As a preview, here’s what our new logo looks like.

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As promised, I bring us back to my comment on the white chocolate cappuccino.  First, you need to know I’m a coffee snob.  Don’t worry, I’m not uptight about it, but I do know what’s good and what’s not good.  And let me tell you, this cappuccino is good. 
I’ve had my eye on the Bialetti espresso makers for a couple of years now.  My obsession with Europe and history bound my fate to it.  In the early 1900’s, a man named Alfonso Bialetti invented this stove top espresso maker in Italy.  I won’t go into all the details of how it works, but if you’re interested check out the Coffee Mall for more info.

Anyway…I noticed that Williams Sonomahad the older model of their cappuccino pot on clearance.  My parents, being the lovely people that they are, jumped on the opportunity and got me my Bialetti Mukka Express as an early birthday present.

To make your cappuccino, you first add a specified amount of water in the bottom of your pot.  Second, you add your espresso.  Third, you screw the top of the pot on and add your milk.  Pushing down the “cappuccino” button creates pressure in the pot that then causes the milk to froth.  In about 4 minutes you have a scrumptious cup o’ joe.  I like to add a little white chocolate to mine to help stave off my sweet tooth for the morning.  It’s that simple!  Trust me, your day will start off so much better if you get one too.  :o)




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