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You might have seen one or two of these pictures before, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they’re all new to you.  I had put a couple in my very first blog, but that was before I had told anyone I created a blog.  Needless to say, I think it only got a couple of hits.  I’m going to capitalize on that and re-feed you some of my favorite pics from that day. 

That wasn’t so bad now, was it?  :o)

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Swimsuit envy

I would love to run around a park with the confidence Emily & Dakota have in their little bikinis.  I guess I had my day when I was two, but I envy the ability to let your tummy hang out and still look cute as a button!  Ah well.  It’s their time in the sun.  :o)

Baby Jayce had to sit this one out on the sideline as he’s just knee high to a grasshopper.  Look out for this baby next summer though!  He’ll be tearing up the water park!

Ah Summer, we love you!!

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For most of us, the day went by and we didn’t notice the difference.  For Todd & Sara, that night transformed them.  Just over a week ago, Baby Grace was born. 

Sara & Todd’s faces communicated so much love.

I love pictures of wedding rings in baby pictures.  Often the last professional shoot a family has had is their wedding.  I feel the rings tie the two beautifully, as the first relationship was the foundation for this new one.

Welcome Baby Grace!  We are all so glad you are here.  Todd & Sara, I’m so excited for you!  Congratulations again!

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Sixteen.  That’s when their worlds changed.  That was when Danny & Kaelah fell in love and never recovered, and they’re better for it.  Some might think their giddy excitement for each other would have faded at this point, but anyone who knows these two or has even seen them together would know that’s not possible.  All of the butterflies are still there, and beautifully flutter in each look and touch.

I had said before that their wedding was an adventure.  Really, what I should have said was getting married outside in the Northwest can be like playing Russian Roulette.  There’s no judgement in that statement, I did it, and yes my bridesmaid’s froze to death on the day the Farmer’s Almanac had given me the thumbs up. 

The clouds had been threatening to pour all day, but the sun had broke through just in time for the ceremony, turning the sky into incredible shades of dark blue.  The guests’ lively chatter filled the air as the final preperations for the cermony were completed. 

Tears flowed freely as Danny & Kaelah exchanged their vows.  It was during the exchange of rings that the rain decided to join in the festivities and it flowed freely too.  It rained on Danny & Kaelah’s parade, but you wouldn’t have known it with all of the joy on their faces.

Danny & Kaelah, every time I think of you I smile.  Thank you for the privilege of being part of such a special day.

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Laughter and Love.  Those are the two things I think of when I think of Danny & Kaelah.  Their wedding was an adventure, which I will be telling about in the next few days, and absolutely wonderful.  Here’s a sneak peak of each of them…

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A quiet majesty permeated the grounds of the castle, as if the bricks and flowers knew the part they played in the day.  Blooming all around, the flowers’ fragrance perfumed the air.  The old bricks, colored and changed by time, beckoned your soul to see beyond the here and now and remember traditions of the past.  It was the perfect place to be married, and on this day Peter and Ashley would enter into a new life together.

Complementing the regal past around us, Ashley artistically brought the colors of today into the celebration with vivid pink, purple, green, blue and yellow.  The lively spirit of the wedding party also brought an excitement to awaken the celebration.

Ashley and Peter, it was an absolutely beautiful day!  Thank you for letting us be a part of it.  Congratulations you two!!

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08.08.08, that’s Peter & Ashley’s date.  Probably the most sought after day of the year, these two were able to secure Thornewood Castle and have one of the most elegant weddings I’ve seen.  There’s more to come, but I wanted to get at least a couple pictures up for the beaming parents to see.

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